The original pictures of “The Incident”

Obviously, the movie Poltergeist was inspired by this. 

here til the last drop.

After a crazy, eff-ed up ride, it all comes to an end tonight.

For the most part, I was team eric.  For this sexy vampire…

    • but truth be told….I have come to love Queen Bill for his exciting theatrics.

Additionally, I will miss the characters of

Russell Edgington, Pam, Nan, Franklin and Talbot.

Thanks for making my summers hot.  You perverts.

I know I’m going to be dreaming about walmart sweatsuits and blood in my hair for a long time.

Thanks for the ride.

Return of the Living Dead

Return of the Living Dead

Where’s Jack?

…getting some thyme.

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Police sketches of serial killers Alberto De Salvo, Richard Ramirez, Ted Bundy, David Berkowitz, The Zodiac Killer, Tommy Lynn Sells, Richard Chase, and Paul Bernardo

Shadow man.

Shadow man.

Bad Men.

Bad Men.




More Brains! A Return to the Living Dead intro

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Return of the Living Dead is a Masterpiece.

Here’s why….
1.  The Casting.
Genius.  Old people and punk rockers.
Their reactions were what I would expect a real person to do : MELT THE FUCK DOWN AND WHINE LIKE A BITCH.
2.  The Setting
Resurrection Funeral home and a Cemetery.
Nothing’s going to go wrong in Kentucky!
3. The Zombies 
 gory, smart and fast.  Unlike the bland, dull Walking Dead zombies, these
colorful characters are able to form sentences.
We find out they are merely  looking for some aspirin. Seems legit.
4. Quotable Dialogue.
Yea, I should spray some lysol….
watch your mouth boy if you like this job!
let’s open the door and find out!
Send. More. Cops.
It worked in the movie!
5. The Intro
In less than 8 mins, we meet the characters and get a interesting back story.  
It’s not until shit hits the fan, does the movie begin.  Hello, Tarman.

6. Unauthorized Status.
It’s an homage and a fuck you all in one, as it recklessly breaks all.  bad ass.
One of the best “sequels’ for a horror film.
7. The Direction.
Creative visuals, freeze frames and slow mo zombies.
Random title cards in forming us of random bits of info (EASTERN STANDARD TIME, BITCH!)
8.  The End.
Very gloomy and apocalyptic.
Don’t ever call the number on the side of a container for help. Always Call Saul Goodman.

This guy is dead. 
Notice the third ‘foot’.
Happy Halloween

This guy is dead. 

Notice the third ‘foot’.

Happy Halloween

I loved it.

He’s a lumberjack!  He faked his death!  yup, you observant peasants….  It’s a fact most serial killers are not caught.  Also there is a huge population of serial killers walking around in the NW now for the isolation. He happens to be really good with chainsaws and the sound will haunt him.  Did you want him to get a job at Ralph’s Meat dept?

So sorry you didn’t get your way, but I loved it lol

I hope one day you see the light.